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蹲守护 可纯可欲素素 有问必答型主播 希望成为你的开心果。pvt c2c 点起我们的淫欲之火~大厅不露bb

King of the room:Tip 500 tk in total!
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素素的完美身材 想看更多点击pvt c2c 噢
Room rules * Follow me and say Hi * Be polite * Don't be shy and don't be rude * No demand without tip * Don't negotiate on my price * Respect everyone in the room * Don't ask for dating offline * Don't ask for my personal details * Don't ask for my wechat or other IMs
看我不要发呆 pvt 解开衣带~
房间规则 * 先点关注再打招呼 * 要有礼貌 * 不要害羞也不要粗鲁 * 不打赏勿提要求 * 尊重房间里的所有人 * 不约 * 不要问我隐私问题 * 不加微信或其他通讯工具
My desires My room is a passionate and sensual place filled with mistery, desire, feminity and many fun. I am an open and permisive girl who love to make you crazy with my body and my shows. I am doing my best to smile and make your day a bit better while you are in my room, so please be nice with me too Funny man with good manners and dirty soul make me horny.

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